Canada Employment and Immigration Union -
September 7, 2018

An open letter to CEIU members from IRCC Vegreville, Alberta

Sisters, Brothers and Friends,

As your National President, I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge each and every member of CEIU who has been affected during this very difficult time. The Employer’s decision to relocate its office from Vegreville, to Edmonton, Alberta was unfair for our members.  On behalf of all members of CEIU, we stand with you in solidarity.

With homes and families in Vegreville, the decision to potentially relocate was, for sure, a decision that was hard to make. Even with the decision you have or needed to take, you may be rethinking if it was the right one.  We cannot image the stress this has put on you, your families and the impact on the community.

The Public Service Alliance of Canada and the Canada Employment and Immigration Union have been fighting for all of you since the decision to relocate the Case Processing Centre (CPC) from Vegreville to Edmonton was made. Numerous meetings were held with the Employer to try and change their decision.  Rallies were held across the country, which members attended with Respect Vegreville placard to show their support for Vegreville.  Respect Vegreville buttons were worn by countless activists.  Your community was behind you all the way.

Some of you made the difficult decision to relocate your families. Others will commute from Vegreville to Edmonton, while others will try and find another job in Vegreville in order to continue living in their community with their family and friends.

With last week’s ruling by the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board (PSLREB), your Union will now be negotiating with the Employer on a remedy. The Board has provided 60 days for the Union and the Employer to come up with a remedy.  If we are unsuccessful, the Board will then rule on the issue of a remedy.

I am hopeful for the members, and hope that with the PSLREB’s ruling, the Employer will provide a remedy that will help rectify the hurt and the sadness this relocation has had on so many of you.

In closing, I wish to thank everyone that has been by your side throughout this difficult time: your National Vice-President for Alberta/NWT/Nunavut, Michelle Henderson, your Local Executive members, past and present, as well as a number of PSAC staff, all of whom, that without their dedication and perseverance, we might not have had the ruling that we got!

My door remains open at all times for my members. You can reach me at the CEIU National Office at 1-855-271-3848.

In Solidarity,

Eddy Bourque

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