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December 23, 2009

Warm climate, good accommodation

A trip down south? Sounds good. CEIU members Anita Hoffman and Gabriel Leblanc did it, but the most important thing they packed was a hammer. Joining other volunteers, they built houses for the desperately poor in Guatemala, moving them from hovels to homes. See what they did, who they did it with – and get a 2010 calendar in the bargain.

Hurricanes, civil war and poverty saw many Guatemalans living in crude shacks, like this one.












The new houses, using cement block and wood frame construction, provide a real home for their families.

Part of the Education in Action program, the houses were built by volunteers like Anita and Gabriel along with the family members who were receiving the homes. “Working hard and working together was a great experience” according to Anita, “and a great source of personal satisfaction as well.”

Education in Action has produced a 2010 calendar that records the construction of these homes. The pictures capture the houses, the participants and the spirit of the entire project. It’s well worth a place on your wall and can be had for only $20. To order, contact Janet St. Jean at



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