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February 28, 2011

Visits to MP’s carry on as looming term staff cuts threaten to lower already declining levels of service to the public

The union has briefed additional MP’s over the declining levels of service to the public available from call centres operated by Service Canada. The ability of call centres to deliver pensioners and E.I. clients the support they deserve is declining, and CEIU is calling for improved working conditions and appropriate staffing levels to deal with the roots of the problem.

In Bathurst, New Brunswick members held a Day of Mourning over anticipated job cuts to the term staff at their call centre. The cuts would come on top of pressured working conditions that have led to staff turnover and illness. The drop in service to the public can be traced directly to the working conditions that have left fewer experienced staff to meet the needs of pensioners and the unemployed. If the staff cuts become a reality, the situation will move from bad to worse.

The Bathurst members wore black to work to show support for their term staff. Adding to this support was local NDP MP Yvon Godin who joined staff in a group photo in front of the workplace.

On the west coast, Sylvester Obanye of local 20961 and PSAC staff representative Garry Fraser met with Conservative MP Dona Cadman who paid careful attention to the union’s presentation. She agreed to write a letter to the Minister on her discussions with us and to speak with her in the Commons.

More MP visits are planned, and members are invited to email their MP through the Parliament of Canada website. Add your voice to the call for much needed improvements to Service Canada call centres.

Sylvester Obanye & Dona Cadman

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