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September 6, 2011

Timmins local sends clear message about jobs on Labour Day

Northern Ontario has been losing jobs in both the private and public sector, but our members are fighting back. This Labour Day, CEIU’s Timmins Local continued to defend the work of Northerners and met with NDP MP Charlie Angus on the issue of protecting public services.

In May 2010, the Timmins Local joined other trade unionists in Northern Ontario to rally for jobs. CEIU highlighted the job losses expected from the centralization of work at Service Canada, a growing trend that has recently been boosted by the announcement of a reduction in the number of sites with EI processing functions.

In her speech about the centralization of work, National President Jeannette Meunier-McKay reminded the rally what the employer had said in the past: “Modern communications technology would save smaller communities,” she recalled, “not hurt them. The technology would let E.I. claims and pension applications be processed anywhere, not just in the big offices in the south. Well, the technology didn’t change, but Service Canada’s thinking did.”

“Our view now is the same as it was then,” said Meunier-Mckay, “technology would allow processing jobs to remain in Timmins and every small community across the country.”

Better Service: Time's Running Out!CEIU is launching its “Better Service: Time’s Running Out!” campaign to deal with cuts to services and jobs. Locals such as Timmins have been leading the way in raising public awareness of the dangers of government cuts. “Local President Laura St-Jean and her members are doing excellent work and, like members in locations such as Kingston, provide a solid example for other CEIU locals across the country,” said Meunier-McKay.




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