Canada Employment and Immigration Union -
October 27, 2009

Quebec members march for breast cancer research

Braving rain and poor weather, CEIU members in Quebec marched in September to support breast cancer research. By mid-October, they  had raised $4270 from individual marchers, various levels within CEIU and the PSAC as well as from the union representing CEIU staff.

Members marched in Chicoutimi, Quebec City and Montreal. Huguette Breton, CEIU National Vice-President for Women (Quebec) was a key organizer of the march in Montreal and explains that she had two goals: “My first goal was to raise funds for research and we did a great job. My second was to create links between members, offices and locals in a different context than the one in which we usually connect with each other.”

In her blog on CEIU’s Member Network, National President Jeannette Meunier-McKay praised the work of Breton and all who participated via the march or through donations. “A union is many things, including an organization that cares about important issues beyond the workplace, such as the scourge of breast cancer” she said, “and I congratulate the members who participated and who, as Huguette says, created new links with one another.”

Members who want to connect on the issue of breast cancer research and fundraising are invited to join CEIU’s online Member Network. Huguette is already using the Member Network and looks forward to continuing her work of creating new links between members.


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