Canada Employment and Immigration Union -
July 9, 2010

PSAC President writes to Minister over job losses in Sydney

CEIU and the PSAC have been pushing back against the government’s job cuts in Sydney since March 2010, and the work is continuing. On July 8, PSAC President John Gordon wrote to Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenny to call for the restoration of the jobs needed to deliver quality service to CIC clients.

In his letter, Gordon argues that the decision to cut jobs “…was not guided by the needs of persons trying to immigrate to Canada and new Canadians; nor was it made in support of the Citizenship Department’s mandate to provide quality services. It was certainly not in the interests of good stewardship and management; nor in consideration of the impact of this job loss on rural Nova Scotia. As far as I can tell, this decision was made solely in the name of budget restraint.”

The full text of the letter is available here.

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