Canada Employment and Immigration Union -
October 17, 2011

March to raise public awareness of cuts leads to extension of New Brunswick term contracts

When members of CEIU local 60254 marched in the Bathurst community, they raised the public profile of staff cuts and the effects they would have on service to Canadians. In the days following the march, the employer agreed to extend the contracts of term staff until the end of December. According to local president Nathalie Paulin, “Marching together, reaching out to others in the community, connecting with the politicians and the media – all this is what we need to do to save services and save jobs.”

Over 180 participated in the event. Marching alongside local members was the Member of the Legislative Assembly Brian Kenny, mayors of surrounding communities, the President of the New Brunswick Federation of Labour, Michel Boudreau and New Brunswick CEIU National Vice-President Debbie Gray. MP Yvon Godin, a strong supporter of CEIU members in Bathurst, was unavailable on the day of the march but met later with the Local President to discuss the matter.

In her speech to the marchers, Paulin emphasized the union’s key messages: cuts to staff mean cuts to service, and federal job losses hurt smaller communities. “They are simple messages, but we must send them over and over,” she said, “because the government will spin a different story to the public when they want to cut jobs and services.”

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