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August 15, 2011

Kingston local speaks up for its term employees

When leaders at CEIU’s Kingston, Ontario local learned that 11 of the 15 staff in its Claims Preparation section would be let go at the end of August, they decided to press the issue with the local MP and media. The 11, all terms, are critical to EI operations in the Greater Kingston Area, and their loss would seriously affect the staff and the public they serve.

Flyers distributed by local members at a public demonstration put the issue clearly:

The people of greater Kingston and those of the North Eastern Region will suffer a noticeable decline in both the quality and quantity of employment insurance services. And we’ll lose yet more family-supporting jobs at a time of great economic uncertainty.

Local President Marie Ferguson was interviewed by the local newspaper and television station along with National Vice-President Val Fargey. The two then met with local MP Ted Hsu to set out the key issues and propose that he support a call for Service Canada either to provide a credible, detailed business plan explaining how service to the public would be maintained – or reverse the staff cuts.

“These cuts hurt those who need our services and those who deliver them,” said National President Jeannette Meunier-McKay, “and we will push back against these senseless reductions. Our members in Kingston are doing great work and I congratulate them on their action.”



Local President Marie Ferguson is interviewed by local TV station



Marie Ferguson and Val Fargey meet with MP Ted Hsu


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