Canada Employment and Immigration Union -
March 23, 2010

Fighting the budget cuts: round one, Sydney, Nova Scotia

The recent federal budget means cuts to the services offered to Canadians and to the staff who deliver them. At CIC’s Sydney processing centre, 147 jobs will be lost, but the union is fighting back at all levels.

On the ground in Sydney, local union representatives have already met with the mayor and the chamber of commerce to outline how the cuts will affect the local economy. They have also met with the Member of Parliament, Mark Eyking, about raising the issue in Ottawa. A community rally will be held on Thursday March 25 to draw further attention to the critical issues at stake for Sydney.

The Sydney centre processes a number of important documents including applications for Canadian citizenship, permanent resident cards and proof of Canadian citizenship for citizens making passport applications. All of these activities will suffer as a result of the staff cuts.

In the Atlantic region, the PSAC has issued a media release and will provide further organizing assistance.

At the national level, the union is seeking to appear before the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration to set out the effects of the cuts. “We are standing up to these cuts,” said CEIU National President Jeannette Meunier-McKay, “for our communities, for the public we serve and for our members. Sydney is just the start, and I am extremely pleased at the commitment our members there are showing.”


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