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CEIU National Mental Heatlh Committee

Committee Members

Lyne Cartier, Chair of the Committee

Marco Angeli

Paul Croes

Crystal Warner, NEVP (
Luc Pomerleau, National Resources Officer (


CEIU National Mental Heatlh Committee Terms of Reference

This Committee, established by the National Executive, is composed of at least three members from the National Executive representing the three departments (ESDC, IRB, IRCC) and its meetings need a simple majority;

  • To elect a Chairperson for the Committee for a three-year term at the first committee meeting, after each CEIU Convention, once the committee members have been confirmed
  • To establish mechanisms and provide various forms of communication to, from and with members – especially members sitting on health & safety committees (policy + workplace) – and to ensure the timely distribution of information to CEIU members in particular through the mental health section on CEIU website
  • To ensure that CEIU members sitting on health & safety committees represent the issues related to mental health at these committee meetings, and in particular, by the establishment of a prevention plan in their workplace and that these be reflected in meeting minutes
  • To develop a strategy to ensure that the three departments (ESDC, IRCC, IRB) adhere to the recommendations from the Federal Mental Health Technical Committee
  • To share amongst CEIU members best practices put in place from the three departments
  • To report to the National Executive following its meeting and to advise and make recommendations to the National President, the National Executive Vice-President and the National Executive on all matters related to mental health.

N.B.: This Committee is governed by the PSAC Privacy & Confidentiality Policies in all of its communications, actions, and reports.

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