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January 22, 2018

CEIU National Young Worker Committee

CEIU’s national young worker committee met for its inaugural meeting from Saturday, January 20, to Sunday, January 21 in Ottawa, at CEIUs National Headquarters.

The committee is composed of one young worker representative per region of CEIU. On Saturday afternoon, the committee participated in the Women’s March on Ottawa, and had the opportunity to network with allies in our community and the broader labour movement.

CEIU’s NYWC had an extremely productive first meeting. Aside from establishing terms of reference, the committee discussed issues being faced by young workers both at work and within our union. This group of innovative activists submitted two resolutions for the next convention, and are pushing the envelope on the usage of modern tools of communications. They seek ...

January 19, 2018

National Executive Minutes

At the October 2017 National Executive (NE) meeting, a decision was made that, as always, the minutes of each National Executive meeting should be available to our membership.

As a greening initiative, instead of sending out hard copies of the NE minutes to each local, CEIU will now provide access to those minutes to all CEIU Local Executives. Should you, as a member of CEIU, wish to read or view the minutes of the National Executive meetings, please contact a member of your Local Executive.

It can take up to six (6) months before access to the most recent minutes is provided because they must be approved by the National Executive, at the next NE meeting.  With only two (2) meetings per ...

January 15, 2018

Update on Phoenix: Client Contact Centre Call Volumes

As we can read on Public Services and Procurement Canada web site, the Pay Services Client Contact Centre is currently experiencing higher than normal call volumes. If you are trying to report an overpayment, you may also submit a Phoenix Feedback Form to inform the Pay Centre of your situation, and no further action will be required. We apologize for any inconvenience this is causing and will keep you informed of our efforts to resolve this situation.

January 11, 2018

Phoenix: Important information about overpayments

The employer has informed PSAC that if you have received an overpayment, and your pay is administered by the pay centre in Miramichi, you must contact the call centre to report the overpayment. If employees report their overpayment by January 19, 2018 the government will only recover the net pay. The net pay is the exact amount of the overpayment you received.

January 3, 2018

Updated! CEIU is pleased to announce the winners of our text messaging contest!

Sister Cindy Hay from the Alberta region won the Polaroid Snap Touch, and sister Isabelle St-Onge from the Quebec region won the GoPro!

Congratulations to our winners!

CEIU members are encouraged to continue staying in touch with their union by texting to (647)496-0575!


Here is a note and picture from Isabelle:

My new GoPro has arrived!

I must admit that I do not remember filling out the survey that enabled me to win this prize because I probably did it automatically to waste no time meeting a request from my union that always works very hard to represent us. I have been paying dues for the union cause for close to 19 years. I have gone through periods of resistance, strike votes, ...

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