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National Leaders and CEIU Regions

The CEIU has a total of 11 geographic regions across Canada. Each region is organized in a way that works best for its locals, but all have at least one conference of local presidents per year. In addition to an annual conference, many have a regional executive body to guide activities throughout the year.

List of CEIU Members that are Deputee Trustees:


Crystal Warner
Cell: (778) 708-2534

Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, NWT and Nunavut

Mike Brecht
Cell (306) 514-7897

Ontario and Human Rights Issues

Sebastien Rodrigues
Cell: (647) 607-5226

Ontario and IRB

Norm Murray
Cell: (647) 938-7899

National Capital Region

Margarita Faundez
Cell: (613) 869-7103


Fabienne Jean-François
Cell: (514) 708-7276

Quebec and Women’s Issues Eastern Canada

Cathy Morneau
Cell: (514) 506-7776

New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland and Labrador

Theresa Macinnis
Cell: (902) 227-8393

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

Paul Croes
Cell: (604) 329-0600

Women’s Issues Western Canada

Christine Walker


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