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October 19, 2016

The Proposed New National Governance Structure

CEIU members will be asked shortly through their Locals to decide to accept or reject a new national governance structure proposed for their Component.

The proposal being put to the membership for a vote is the result of several months of work by CEIU Deputy Trustees. During this time the Deputy Trustees have talked to members about CEIU’s National Executive; and they have met in Ottawa regularly to discuss how to make the National Executive effective.

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October 18, 2016

By-laws and Finance Resolutions Deadline – Changed to December 21, 2016

The call for resolutions that was sent out in late September for the 2017 CEIU Convention indicated that resolutions must be received by CEIU’s national office no later than November 18. The deadline for resolutions has been changed for resolutions to change CEIU’s By-laws and for resolutions concerning finances. For these two types of resolutions the deadline is now Wednesday, December 21. For other resolutions, the deadline is November 18.

October 14, 2016

Telephone Town Halls – The Vote on a Proposed New National Governance Structure for CEIU

Chris Aylward, National Executive Vice-President of the Public Service Alliance of Canada invites members of the Canada Employment and Immigration Union to join him on Monday, October 17 and Tuesday October 18 for a telephone town hall (TTH). This is an opportunity for members to hear about important changes that will be proposed for CEIU.

Dial up information will be provided by automated call the week day before the TTH and again the day of the TTH. Please take note of the contact information when you receive the call as well as the scheduled time of your TTH.

Three telephone town halls are scheduled for next week. On Monday October 17 there will be two town halls in English, one for our ...

October 3, 2016

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September 29, 2016

Make your vote count on who will be representing you at the 2017 CEIU Convention

Your ballot is in the mail. If you belong to one of the electoral districts that will be holding elections to elect a delegate to represent you at the 2017 CEIU Convention representing the district, keep your eyes on your mailbox.

The CEIU National Office mailed out an explanatory letter with a copy of the resumes of each member whose nominations for delegate was received, as well as a ballot for you to vote. A self-addressed stamped envelope is also included for you to return your ballot. There is no cost to you! Make your vote count.

Make sure to get your ballot returned to the CEIU National Office in Ottawa by no later than October 14th, 2016.

The ballots will be counted on ...

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